Barabicu - Pan American Grill

I think that the problem with Gothenburg dining is that it's hella expensive for not so great food. I enjoy food. But I have to drag some politics into it. We don't farm, we don't grow, we don't produce. We need the heart, the passion in order to make great food.

We started of with sharing the Scalopbanger which was a sausage med from scallops served on smoked bean chili which was basically beans and canned tomatoes. together with chorizo, deep fried artichoke and artichoke purée. The scallop was dope, soft like a marshmallow, not too sweet with a hint of sea. I could live without the beans and canned tomateos, it did nothing it was just a waste of space. The double artichokes were pretty nice though, it was a nice marriage with the scallop. The chorizo was a bit over fried and hard but had a nice heat to it.

We moved on to the the New York Strip and the meat was great. Tender, almost silky soft and pleasant chewablity. It was served with red wine reduction, herb butter and spinach on top. The red wine reduction was a nice match with the steak but the butter was a bit too salty for me. Same goes with the spinach, it was like they wanted us to drink more. The meat was served with gratin almond potato purée. I love any kinds of potatoes and therefore I want my potato to taste like potatoes, however the purée was dominated by butter, cream and västerbotten cheese - it was where dairies come to die.

The service was okay, they took our order, gave us the food and explained what we had ordered because apparently we were illiterate and never came back. So it was great if you need some privacy.

Overall I would come back if I wanted to eat expensive food in a 30-something-hipster-or bank/financial dude-enviroment. And sometimes you're in the mood for that. I think I would give them a second chance if I'll get rich or something, Impress me, please.


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