Super Sushi

This isn't the best sushi in Gothenburg. but sometimes I crave it. These huge float boats of rice and fish. Maki the size of your fist. The fish slices are not thick but large. It's not inspired or blows your mind but it's not the worst. Reasonable prize for the size of this meal. 75 SEK for 11 large pieces. Yes, you can choose if you want large or small bites. Who would choose large pieces?! That's right, me. Hell yeah!

Super Sushi
Drottninggatan 50


Spicy Asian Corn Soup

And I say Asian meaning Asian Fusion. I'm not too fond of the get together of different geographical countries. However, this soups is simply divine. I've been busting my balls to find great vegan comfort food. I'm trying to work up a list of vegan go-to-recipes and I think I found one contestant.

Big pan:

1 onion
a few garlic cloves
a bit of fresh ginger
some spices: curry, cumin, coriander, tumeric, salt & pepper, Chinese chili oil
2 cans of corn
1 can of coconut mil

Fry finely chopped onion, garlic and ginger with some oil, curry, cumin, coriander, turmeric and salt. Add Chinese chili oil. When the onions are glossy and sweet add 2 cans of corn. Later on when cooked nicely add a can of coconut milk. I blended the mix until fairly smooth and then filtered half of it since I wanted 1 batch of smoooooooth soup and 1 rustic one.

So sweet and spicy - just like me!

I'm going to serve it with noodles or some rice. I reckon it's going to taste better tomorrow.
Have fun!


YiLi - Sushi, dumplings and other dishes

So my friend really likes the dumplings here but thinks that there aren't any nice sauces for the dumplings. Anyway, we went here to try it out however I ordered some sushi since I was really in the mood for it. My friend had the Pad Thai and of course my friend who recommended this place had the dumplings.

As you can see, there was time to take a pic of the sushi and it wasn't all that. I've definitely had better. YiLi is a place where I will come back to for the hot food. I loved the Pad Thai and the dumplings. I have to try the entire menu. For me I'd really like to see more Asian restaurants and YiLi seems to have a mix of different Asian dishes. They even had Korean food. So I have to come back and try. I'm also in the hunt for great Chinese food so I hope I will not be disappointed.

Website: http://www.yilikitchen.se/
Munkebäckstorget 4
416 73 Göteborg
Phone: +4631-25 25 93

Grilled Cheese

Nowadays I follow trends religiously. So I'm eating plant-based which is great. But sometimes I lack inspiration and I really hate cooking sometimes. The easier, quicker - the better. So I made this grilled cheese for lunch. I used 2 different kinds of vegan cheese from Astrid och Aporna, Cheezly with cheddar flavour and Jeezly Perfek Pizza. I also added some black pepper for taste and after I fried it in the pan, I halved a garlic clove and rubbed it against the bread. It was so yummy! This will be my go-to food from now on.


Tacos & Tequila revisited

So what else do you do on a Saturday when people are moving towards brunch or a late lunch? My friend and I wanted some beers and perhaps something to eat so we took the tram to TACOS & TEQUILA because it's a safe bet.

This time around we ordered the guac (a bit of each) with homemade nachos - but chose two classic and one with serrano, chili and tomatillo since we were not fond of the third one with almonds. 

While we were snacking on guac and chips our main dishes arrived. We had chosen a fish taco (Fried cod tacos with summer slaw, cucumber, crema and herbsand Grilled shrimp and creamy grits with salsa fresca and corn tortillas. Both were so delicious, but I remember the creamy grits. It was smooth, cheesy and creamy. It was like eating a cheese and cream pudding with some polenta in it.

I'm very fond of this place because the food speak for it self. However the service, and I'm very picky when it comes to service because that's a big part of ordering out. The service needs some work. A lot of work. They're nice and all, but that's not enough. They are not fast when it comes to drinks, restaurants earn a lot of money on drinks so always be around to ask if you want another when you see that your costumers been eye hawking you for another round. I had to do the energetic wave in order to get some attention. It's like you don't exist, even when it comes to the check. It took sucha long time that we had to go into the bar in order to pay. If we were not us we could have done a dine and dash. 
Website: http://www.tacosandtequila.se/
Tredje Långgatan 9, Göteborg
+46 (0)31 – 309 52 20


Tacos & Tequila

I had heard different reviews from friends so I was pretty critical when we arrived and got seated outside in the long awaited sun. My friend and I started off with some beer and frozen margaritas. Beer - fine. Margaritas - divine. The server informed us that they still served lunch for 10 more minutes and I came up with the brilliant idea to have that as starters. We ordered the ceviche salmon with chipotle and roasted corn and a bit of each guac. I guess they made their own totopo chips because they were glowing of oil. Ceviche - fine, a bit forgettable because of what was yet to come. Guacs - outta they three there were two outstanding ones, Serrano, Chili & tomatillo and the Chipotle and roast almonds. The classic was pretty damn good too, but in the shade of the other ones. They.were.amazing. In their own ways. The chipotle one had a nice kick to it which was great for my beer thirst and the Tomatillo one was just splendid, so fresh and addictive. 

As the main course, even though we were stuffed, we ordered the Crispy pork-belly tacos with coriander aioli, jicama and red chili and Duck tacos with mole poblano and peanuts with a side of Triple fried new potatoes with corn, manchego and charred spring onion crema.  The duck was a bit like pulled pork with a sweet sauce and the crushed peanuts just made it more lovely. I mean, who doesn't love peanuts? (probably people who are deathly allergic to nuts...) The pork belly - I'm intensely fond of pork belly (I'm Korean) so the giant piece of layered pork with the fat so crispy I could hear the crunch even if I hadn't had a bite yet made me salivate immensely. The side order was just perfect. Swedish flavours like the fresh summer potaoes, deep fried (deep fried is a friend of mine) and served with the cheese and grey crema - just a great marriage. 

The thing that amazed me were the flavours. I'm not easily impressed, I want new things, I wanna be amazed, confused, dazzled - and I was. There were flavours I couldn't identify - which I loved. I don't want to be the one who seen it all, experienced it all - which is common in most restaurants I've been to. Therefore I loved everything with Tacos & Tequila. Just subtle things like the tomato salsa in the pork belly one, it was filled with flavours of vinegar, sweetness and perhaps herbs, who knows? 

The service was great in the beginning - then, I think they forgot us, very incohesive but eye contact worked. It was a 2 hour seating, which we weren't informed about, but we were pretty much done after lunch, dinner, serveral beers and margaritas.

Price, well not the friendliest taco price that I'm used to (a taco for a dollar). We had a lot of food, were completely and utterly stuffed - not in a disgusting way and had both beers and margaritas and payed 450 SEK each. So not poor student/minimum wage friendly, but for me worth it. I have to come back for the fried cod taco (I love fish tacos). And the grilled shrimp plato. And the pinapple bun dessert. 

Plus: the chipotle mayo (I assume it was) condiments and lime wedges. They also had 2 sauces and some spicy chili thing (I have no idea what it was, but it was a nice touch). Also, visit the loo upstairs if you dare.

Website: http://www.tacosandtequila.se/
Tredje Långgatan 9, Göteborg
+46 (0)31 – 309 52 20
My friend was a bit more prepared and took a photo of the tacos.

Sometimes you just want to do some damn good aioli on a Tuesday night


With the potential to be great

I've heard great things of Nonna. Friends have recommended it and the website look pretty sweet. 
It was time.

The environment was cosy and a bit loud. It was great for large parties, we were 6 people dinning. We had made reservation and was greeted and placed in the sofa-part of the restaurant. The only thing was that it was kinda hard to hear people sitting across from you. We sat in a C-shaped half circle. The menu is simple - which I love, not too many options with a nice price range. I ordered the spaghetti with tomatoes and crayfish. I'm not a huge fan of tomato sauce so I assumed that when it said tomatoes and not tomato sauce, which it did on other dishes, it would come with fresh chopped tomatoes. It didn't. Tomato sauce. Not entirely disappointing but not satisfying. Before our food arrived we got some focaccia and tapenade made with green olives, very addictive. I had a beer and some of my company had red wine which I take for granted it was good, because they never said anything to the contrary. The food arrived pretty quickly - great! and I saw the tomato sauce. Please surprise me. The first bite was amaze balls since the spaghetti was al dente, although shame on them if it weren't. Unfortunately I wasn't amazed by the tomato sauce, however it had shrimps in it, yay! The crayfish, 2 of them, were small and fairly seasoned.  I would have loved 2 more, since they were so small. The portions are large, I was more than full - not disgustingly full, just full enough to wait and order tiramisu. When you're more than 1 person ordering something it comes on a larger plate and you serve yourself - awesome, almost family style which is my fav. And we were two who ordered the tiramisu and I believe you get more then. I've never had any good experience with tiramisu so I wanted redemption. I got it. It was soft, smooth, very grown up. Not as wet as I expected and not as hard of a kick with liquor, I didn't taste any coffee which was forgettable, I didn't mid even though I like coffee. 

I should have asked it there were tomato sauce and not assume even though I blame it on the typo. I will come back for other pasta dishes, because I believe they are great. Didn't get a pic on the tiramisu or the food itself since I was too hungry to even bother to go through the hassle with taking my phone from my purse and do the whole composition. Just eat. 


Best Cortado so far

You can find it at Kafé Magasinet at Tredje Långgatan 9, Gothenburg. No goddamn latte art, just good coffee. Smooth, easy and adorable.


Barabicu - Pan American Grill

I think that the problem with Gothenburg dining is that it's hella expensive for not so great food. I enjoy food. But I have to drag some politics into it. We don't farm, we don't grow, we don't produce. We need the heart, the passion in order to make great food.

We started of with sharing the Scalopbanger which was a sausage med from scallops served on smoked bean chili which was basically beans and canned tomatoes. together with chorizo, deep fried artichoke and artichoke purée. The scallop was dope, soft like a marshmallow, not too sweet with a hint of sea. I could live without the beans and canned tomateos, it did nothing it was just a waste of space. The double artichokes were pretty nice though, it was a nice marriage with the scallop. The chorizo was a bit over fried and hard but had a nice heat to it.

We moved on to the the New York Strip and the meat was great. Tender, almost silky soft and pleasant chewablity. It was served with red wine reduction, herb butter and spinach on top. The red wine reduction was a nice match with the steak but the butter was a bit too salty for me. Same goes with the spinach, it was like they wanted us to drink more. The meat was served with gratin almond potato purée. I love any kinds of potatoes and therefore I want my potato to taste like potatoes, however the purée was dominated by butter, cream and västerbotten cheese - it was where dairies come to die.

The service was okay, they took our order, gave us the food and explained what we had ordered because apparently we were illiterate and never came back. So it was great if you need some privacy.

Overall I would come back if I wanted to eat expensive food in a 30-something-hipster-or bank/financial dude-enviroment. And sometimes you're in the mood for that. I think I would give them a second chance if I'll get rich or something, Impress me, please.