Febo - Food Slots in Amsterdam -- fast fast food, not very delicious though^^

When I first arrived to Amsterdam I came to Amstel Station. I was tired, hungry and a bit disoriented. I saw these slots and wondered what might that be? I had to look twice, there were food in the slots. How funny is that? 

Well, it’s not really funny, more convenient. If you need a fast and unhealthy snack this is something for you.

I tried the hamburger and some kind of deep fried oblong shaped thing which reminded me of bitterballen.
Just something to try, not the tastiest snacks I’ve ever had but fun to try.

Vegetable Soup and Salad

As a poor student, I often cooked lunch or dinner at home. Usually I invited my friend Bea to join me because of her company and also, it’s not that fun to cook by yourself. Food is the best if you enjoy it in good company. Something that I learned from Bea during my stay in Amsterdam was, well, first of all like Veronica she was also a vegetarian so all of the foods that we made had to be meat and fish free. Secondly, to buy seasonable veggies.

Something that we made frequently was soup and salad. Take your favorite veggies, boil it in water, pure some canned tomatoes in it and blend well.

The salad, is basically any kinds of leaves and veggies you like. Add some nuts and fruits. Olive oil, crème balsamic, salt and pepper – it doesn’t get easier than that.  

Bagels & Beans in Amsterdam

On one hungover morning we went the Bagels & Beans for some brekki.

I had the Parmabella with parma ham, mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, rocket, pine nuts and pesto. I simply can't start my morning without coffee and asked for soy milk. It's a thugs life, being lactose intolerant and all... The young and nervous waiter asked if I wanted it hot and in my fog of sleepiness, lack of caffeine I just grunted hmpf. A few minutes later he came running with some steamed soy milk and I was grateful as a… very grateful person.

The bagel was good. Because I was more into listening to the conversation about what had happened last night the food just slipped down without any complaints. 

Vegetarian options

Bazar in Amsterdam -- noisy but pretty nice

In de Pijp area on Albert Cuypstraat 182 is Bazar located. It's a restaurant with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. The restaurant is vibrant with a lot of people and noises. It gives a feel of Arabian Night meets a market place with people running around with big ass serving trays so be careful when you walk in there so you won’t get hit.

The ambiance is as said intense, perhaps because we were there during dinner hour on a Friday night, but it’s a part of the experience.

I had the Tavuk Sis Kebab which was tasty, nothing special. Plain ol’ good food. My friend had the Falafel and in retrospect that would have been my pick since it came with a giant bread basket for solely her. I mean, I like bread. And it was not only one type of bread; there were plenty to go around the table with different types of delicious carbs.

My friends falafel dish.

It’s a charming place where you can enjoy… or perhaps it’s more of an active experience since there are stuff happening, people running around, noises everywhere so if you’re looking for a quiet meal with a loved one to snuggle in enjoying a peaceful romantic dinner – this is not the place.

Vegetarian options

New Food Adventures

So I wrote a new ABOUT since a lot has happend since Amsterdam. Let's kick off!