Bazar in Amsterdam -- noisy but pretty nice

In de Pijp area on Albert Cuypstraat 182 is Bazar located. It's a restaurant with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. The restaurant is vibrant with a lot of people and noises. It gives a feel of Arabian Night meets a market place with people running around with big ass serving trays so be careful when you walk in there so you won’t get hit.

The ambiance is as said intense, perhaps because we were there during dinner hour on a Friday night, but it’s a part of the experience.

I had the Tavuk Sis Kebab which was tasty, nothing special. Plain ol’ good food. My friend had the Falafel and in retrospect that would have been my pick since it came with a giant bread basket for solely her. I mean, I like bread. And it was not only one type of bread; there were plenty to go around the table with different types of delicious carbs.

My friends falafel dish.

It’s a charming place where you can enjoy… or perhaps it’s more of an active experience since there are stuff happening, people running around, noises everywhere so if you’re looking for a quiet meal with a loved one to snuggle in enjoying a peaceful romantic dinner – this is not the place.

Vegetarian options

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