Vegetable Soup and Salad

As a poor student, I often cooked lunch or dinner at home. Usually I invited my friend Bea to join me because of her company and also, it’s not that fun to cook by yourself. Food is the best if you enjoy it in good company. Something that I learned from Bea during my stay in Amsterdam was, well, first of all like Veronica she was also a vegetarian so all of the foods that we made had to be meat and fish free. Secondly, to buy seasonable veggies.

Something that we made frequently was soup and salad. Take your favorite veggies, boil it in water, pure some canned tomatoes in it and blend well.

The salad, is basically any kinds of leaves and veggies you like. Add some nuts and fruits. Olive oil, crème balsamic, salt and pepper – it doesn’t get easier than that.  

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