Danilo -- Dinner and a Movie -- Best Burger

In the US, dinner and a movie is a classic second date concept. In Sweden, well -- I can't say, since I've never been on a date here. But I'm not going to talk about my love life. What I am going to talk about is my love for "American" food, and I say that with the loosest quotation marks. I'm not the hugest fan of burgers. I'm more of a pizza-kind-of-gal. However, my friend made the decision for me to order top 5 best burgers in Gothenburg. I had the Burger of the Month which was a BBQ BACON BURGER with fries served on focaccia bread. Ketchup and a Rhode Island inspired dip came with it. 

The Burger? Oh the Burger! 

Medium Rare -- Pink and Perfect.

The Burger was... yeah, the best burger I had so far. Juicy, flavourful with a fitting combination with the crispy bacon, smoky bbq sauce and savoury cheddar cheese (I added the cheese when I ordered). Fociacca is one of my fav bread so I was pleased even though the bottom was soaked from the lettuce.

My friends ordered the Dynamite Jack Pizza and Scarface Cheese Burger. They were both stuffed and so happy.

My friend ordered the cross-thingy-fries. I would recommend them instead of the fries. Imma frie eating person and mine did nothing for me.

I've been to the café downstairs several times and it's nice and all, but it doesn't leave a huge impression. It's overall A-OK.

I will def. come back for the pizza! My mission is to have the Harpo Bacon, I've been longing for it for days now.

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