YammyYammy -- not so Yummy Yummy

Since I just came back from Korea and cook Korean food myself I'm a bit picky. I think when it comes to Asian food in general, I'm very opinionated and think that the Swedish Asian restaurants do not hold up the standards to what I would classify as authentic Asian food. YammyYammy at Kungstorget did no do it for me at all.

I ordered the bibimbap 비빔밥 and was horrified that I had to pay extra if I wanted kimchi. You simply just don't pay extra for banchans in my world. Then when the I opened my box (takaway) the SMELL. *shrugging my head*

First of all, bibimbap is supposed to have gochujang sauce and I have no idea what I got. perhaps some kind of gochuhang mixed with water and soysauce? it was runny and gochujang is a paste. A PASTE!

Secondly, where was the egg? I don't count an omelette finely sliced as an egg. 

And the veggies?! Don't get me started about the veggies.

I'm going to talk about the veggies. or more the lack thereof. Bibimbap is just devine with bean sprots, kimchi, leftover banchans, a fried egg, a nice gnob of spicy gochujang and then mix insanely violently to a muddle so there is flavour everywhere. but this offered some sliced cucumber, yellow onion and leek (wtf?!)

The meat, I suppose it was bulgogi was over seasoned and too salty.

I'm very disappointed and heartbroken since I can't find a decent Korean restaurant.

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