Dubbel Dubbel - Dim sum and dumplings

The restaurant is located on Kastellgatan 14 and google maps led us confusingly to the place. We arrived and got seated to our reserved table but the waiter didn't take our drink order until a bit later. Not a very good start. The menu was also our table mat which is practical and surely environmentally friendly. Our friends arrived and we ordered some food. I took the shrimp wonton (4 but I got 8!), pork jiaozi (3) and the ribs. My company ordered mantao tempeh, mantao duck, beef jiazi, kristaljiazi and sichuan tilapia. We enjoyed the food enormously and the restaurant was dressed in wood, very cozy. The only thing was that  had a feeling of pretentiousness that I couldn't shake. It could be because on the menu it said that they asked their customers for leniency because they are a small establishment where the chose free intimacy and the small scale is better than a larger scale. And not to hesitate to get up and order from the bar. In my ears that is an excuse to shitty service. The service was okay, however not noticeable.

I might want to come back to try some of the set menus, but the restaurant left remarkable impression. It was okay, that's all I can say. I'm always up for trying Asian food since I think that Sweden lack authentic Asian food and this was one of the better places.


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