Mikado - more than just sushi

I've seen this place on my way to work and always wanted to try it. Now, I've been there twice and it's growing on me. I'm very picky when it comes to sushi, but I'm not such a pretentious asshole that I can't enjoy a fairly okay sushi plate. The first time I was there I had a pepsi. Not worth mentioning. The second time I was there I had the gyoza with a side of spring rolls and noodles. Yum! The gyoza had an undefined taste of some kind of herb which was not unpleasant nor pleasant. Today I tried the sushi and my friend had the salmon. With a side of spring rolls and noddles, of course! That's the beauty of this place. You get spring rolls and noddles when you order from the lunch menu (till 3pm). 

my imaginary friend and I
Spring rolls!!!
I loved the maki rolls because it was just traditional salmon-cucumber-picked radish. Simple, classy and yummy. Yes, there was one "california roll", but it was forgettable. The fish was soft but I missed some wasabi in between the fish and the rice, but I can add that. The service is friendly and fast. They go the extra mile. The second time I was there I wanted gyoza but it wasn't included on the lunch menu but they said it was fine and they made it happen. I love those little things. 

The restaurant is located on Sten Sturegatan 42. They also have vegetarian sushi which my veggie friend loves. So big thumbs up!

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