Tacos & Tequila

I had heard different reviews from friends so I was pretty critical when we arrived and got seated outside in the long awaited sun. My friend and I started off with some beer and frozen margaritas. Beer - fine. Margaritas - divine. The server informed us that they still served lunch for 10 more minutes and I came up with the brilliant idea to have that as starters. We ordered the ceviche salmon with chipotle and roasted corn and a bit of each guac. I guess they made their own totopo chips because they were glowing of oil. Ceviche - fine, a bit forgettable because of what was yet to come. Guacs - outta they three there were two outstanding ones, Serrano, Chili & tomatillo and the Chipotle and roast almonds. The classic was pretty damn good too, but in the shade of the other ones. They.were.amazing. In their own ways. The chipotle one had a nice kick to it which was great for my beer thirst and the Tomatillo one was just splendid, so fresh and addictive. 

As the main course, even though we were stuffed, we ordered the Crispy pork-belly tacos with coriander aioli, jicama and red chili and Duck tacos with mole poblano and peanuts with a side of Triple fried new potatoes with corn, manchego and charred spring onion crema.  The duck was a bit like pulled pork with a sweet sauce and the crushed peanuts just made it more lovely. I mean, who doesn't love peanuts? (probably people who are deathly allergic to nuts...) The pork belly - I'm intensely fond of pork belly (I'm Korean) so the giant piece of layered pork with the fat so crispy I could hear the crunch even if I hadn't had a bite yet made me salivate immensely. The side order was just perfect. Swedish flavours like the fresh summer potaoes, deep fried (deep fried is a friend of mine) and served with the cheese and grey crema - just a great marriage. 

The thing that amazed me were the flavours. I'm not easily impressed, I want new things, I wanna be amazed, confused, dazzled - and I was. There were flavours I couldn't identify - which I loved. I don't want to be the one who seen it all, experienced it all - which is common in most restaurants I've been to. Therefore I loved everything with Tacos & Tequila. Just subtle things like the tomato salsa in the pork belly one, it was filled with flavours of vinegar, sweetness and perhaps herbs, who knows? 

The service was great in the beginning - then, I think they forgot us, very incohesive but eye contact worked. It was a 2 hour seating, which we weren't informed about, but we were pretty much done after lunch, dinner, serveral beers and margaritas.

Price, well not the friendliest taco price that I'm used to (a taco for a dollar). We had a lot of food, were completely and utterly stuffed - not in a disgusting way and had both beers and margaritas and payed 450 SEK each. So not poor student/minimum wage friendly, but for me worth it. I have to come back for the fried cod taco (I love fish tacos). And the grilled shrimp plato. And the pinapple bun dessert. 

Plus: the chipotle mayo (I assume it was) condiments and lime wedges. They also had 2 sauces and some spicy chili thing (I have no idea what it was, but it was a nice touch). Also, visit the loo upstairs if you dare.

Website: http://www.tacosandtequila.se/
Tredje Långgatan 9, Göteborg
+46 (0)31 – 309 52 20
My friend was a bit more prepared and took a photo of the tacos.

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