With the potential to be great

I've heard great things of Nonna. Friends have recommended it and the website look pretty sweet. 
It was time.

The environment was cosy and a bit loud. It was great for large parties, we were 6 people dinning. We had made reservation and was greeted and placed in the sofa-part of the restaurant. The only thing was that it was kinda hard to hear people sitting across from you. We sat in a C-shaped half circle. The menu is simple - which I love, not too many options with a nice price range. I ordered the spaghetti with tomatoes and crayfish. I'm not a huge fan of tomato sauce so I assumed that when it said tomatoes and not tomato sauce, which it did on other dishes, it would come with fresh chopped tomatoes. It didn't. Tomato sauce. Not entirely disappointing but not satisfying. Before our food arrived we got some focaccia and tapenade made with green olives, very addictive. I had a beer and some of my company had red wine which I take for granted it was good, because they never said anything to the contrary. The food arrived pretty quickly - great! and I saw the tomato sauce. Please surprise me. The first bite was amaze balls since the spaghetti was al dente, although shame on them if it weren't. Unfortunately I wasn't amazed by the tomato sauce, however it had shrimps in it, yay! The crayfish, 2 of them, were small and fairly seasoned.  I would have loved 2 more, since they were so small. The portions are large, I was more than full - not disgustingly full, just full enough to wait and order tiramisu. When you're more than 1 person ordering something it comes on a larger plate and you serve yourself - awesome, almost family style which is my fav. And we were two who ordered the tiramisu and I believe you get more then. I've never had any good experience with tiramisu so I wanted redemption. I got it. It was soft, smooth, very grown up. Not as wet as I expected and not as hard of a kick with liquor, I didn't taste any coffee which was forgettable, I didn't mid even though I like coffee. 

I should have asked it there were tomato sauce and not assume even though I blame it on the typo. I will come back for other pasta dishes, because I believe they are great. Didn't get a pic on the tiramisu or the food itself since I was too hungry to even bother to go through the hassle with taking my phone from my purse and do the whole composition. Just eat. 

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