And I could never go back...

I love pizza.
No, no, you don't understand. I love pizza like robots love pandas.
I occasionally order a pizza as a hobby.
I even order several pizzas in order to have lunch boxes for days, which realistically keeps me for a day, perhaps two if I'm trying my hardest not to consume for dinner too.

I love the Swedish adapt pizza with kebab, pineapple – anything that serves with sauce, cheese on a piece of dough.

I'm not highend in any kind of way, except when it comes to the pizza around the corner in my neighbourhood – that shit is nasty. But I'd say that bad pizza is still pizza.

However, after I visited Lilla Napoli I will never look at pizza the way I used to. I would go as far as to say that I can't order pizza anymore without getting emotional and think back to the pizza I had July 8th 2018, like a the-one-who-got-away-moment or an old lady looking at her partner and think "you'll never be as good as my one love who I lost *insert tragedy*".

The dough was amazeballs. Usually I'll get super stuffed after eating a whole pizza, if I can even finish it. The dough makes my tummy feel like it was invaded by a brick, but this dough at Lilla Napoli was superb. Very light, not too dominant, very fluffy and just great. I can't say anything bad about the dough. the "waitress" informed us that they do their pizza like in Neapoli where they bake it in the stone oven for 60 seconds so the dough is a bit sticky and moist. I just destroyed that shit and couldn't stop eating it. I rolled the pizza slice a bit so I could get the stuffing on the crust and it there were any crust left I just smashed it in their awesome olive oil and some salt.

The sauce was subtle like a supportive friend you take for granted. Not sweet or too tangy.
I had the white pizza with mozzarella, pecorino, garlic, pancetta and basil but I had several slices of the ones with tomato sauce and salami. The white one was really really good, my family liked it the most but I have to say that I really loved the one with salami – it was a bit spicy and the tomato sauce was really bomb. However, I'd never had pancetta before and I will never look at bacon the same way. I love bacon, I love that there are so many different types to fit your mood. Pancetta will definitely be one of my fave, when it's super crispy and thin, almost like a chip or crisp.

The procedure: You go on their website and book how many doughs (pizzas) you want at a preferable date and time. You'll get that and then you should be there 10 minutes before to make your order.

At the place, don't be alarmed. It's not a white tablecloth place with a sommelier. It is a charming wooden box with tables outside and a tent to keep the rain from falling into your food. I loved it!
picture taken from their instagram.

You walk in, order your pizza, grab some utensils, water and then head to the bar to get another beverage of your choice (wine, beer soda or pop). Then the waitress will come out with your order, saying your name out loud and you'll be in heaven.

Did I tell you that they make their own mozzarella? And they use so kind of magic flower from Italy?

Website for bookings.
Address: Halmstadvägen 1, 311 45 Falkenberg.
White guide.

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