Amsterdam so Far

Since I've been in Amsterdam for almost two months (!) I thought my first post would be small collection of photos. Above is a picture from this awesome bakery (I think Bakken met Passie but I can't remember) my dad took me to. The heart shaped cookies were a soft shortbread filled with a raspberry compote. Think of those Knott's Berry Farm Raspberry cookies, but on crack. I also tried the pink version of the heart shaped cakes. Also amazing. It turned out to be a lemon pound cake, with raspberry jam in the middle, encased in a sweet raspberry marzipan (I think I might have a raspberry problem). There also may have been a chunk of rosemary focaccia and a berry meringue involved as well....
Here's a picture of my stir fry from Tasty Asia, near Rembrandtplein. It's with a green curry sauce and tofu, and it's crazy good.
This is a picture of the "American Dinner" my roommate and I hosted. We made hamburgers, veggie burgers, green beans with lemon and butter, and the worst macaroni and cheese I've ever made. My kitchen doesn't have an oven or microwave, so we tried to make stovetop mac and cheese. Here's a fun fact: even if the recipe says you should cook the noodles in the milk, don't. It can ruin mac and cheese for you!

My favorite I-don't-feel-like-cooking-tonight take out place, Wok to Walk. I usually get the rice noodles with tofu (and sometimes mushrooms) and chili sauce. I think Cecilia had shrimp in this photo.
This was probably the best meal I've had so far. It's from Bazaar, on Albert Cuypstraat. On the menu it's called the Mosàmma, and it's a vegetarian casserole. Filled with tofu, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, hazelnuts and covered in cheese, it's nothing but deliciousness. It also comes with some amazing basmati rice, olives, tzatziki, and a haydari pepper. So good!
Okay, I only put this picture up because I love carrot cake so much. We found a really cute cafe in the Jordaan that had homemade carrot cat and scones. The coffee was alright, but nothing can top carrot cake.

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