the Dutch cuisine

When you’re in Amsterdam or anywhere in the Netherlands you should be aware of the food. So far I’ve tried frieten (fries) with peanut sauce, traditional peasoep (peasoup) and bitterballen.

The Fries are amazing, a very lovely snack or a meal if you really like carbs. However the peanut sauce is a bit questionable. As the conservative food critic as I am, I prefer peanut sauce served with rice and some kind of meat but it wasn’t horrible. The Dutch people also like their fries with mayo, but I will continue eat my fries with ketchup.

The Dutch peasoep is very different from the Swedish one. First of all it is green. Who eats green food? The soep is made with Dutch sausage and pork, so nothing for the vegetarians. I have to say that it was pretty ok, not really my cup of tea, but eatable for sure.

At the ISN (International Student Network) intro, my coach ordered bitterballen which is deep fried balls consisting a mix of some mashed undefined thick paste with beef. Yummy! It’s served with a bowl (not the part of the smoking pipe) of mustard. Bitterballen is ordered for a snack to your beer. I liked it, but it wasn’t a culinary experience that teased my taste buds. Then I tried it again. Still, pretty okay. It's Dutch so I'm happy.

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