For the first time - KFC

There are not a lot of fast food franchises in Sweden so when I saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken here in Amsterdam I figured that I should make a visit to try it out. Boy, what a disappointment. First of all, I love chicken. Those people who says “everything tastes like chicken”, I would say: “oh, yeah and I’m having seconds”. I had a meal called....something with deep fried chicken?
It consisted of 4 chicken parts, cole slaw, fries, a dipping sauce (bbq, what else?) and a soft drink. A nice well balanced meal. But the chicken was just not...good. The deepfried stuff which I had my hopes up for was a bit soggy and not crispy. The chicken was dry and flavourless. I'm never going back. KFC, you ruined chicken for me. Just kidding. I could never stop eating chicken. Well, maybe if I’ll get salmonella...

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