Red Lion -- ribs, ribs, ribs

I've been here before and I had a vague memory that the ribs were pretty awesome, they still were. HOWEVER, the SERVICE SUCKED. We sat down and it took 20 minutes for them to give us a fudging menu. I went inside to and said that we wanted to order drinks and food and I got a rushed "yeah" and then I never saw here again.

the FOOD, was almost worth it. The ribs were a bit spicy and the basket with fries was a joy. I mean, a basket of well deep fried fries -- who doesn't love that, I dare you. Hot and smokey baby back ribs, is what the dish is called. Hot -- fo sho, I can't handle spicy food, this however was ok. Smokey -- yeah, I guess you could say  that.


creamy coleslaw, almost too creamy -- but I solved it by dipping my fries in it. 

Fun Fact: according to my friend who's a regular at this joint the ribs used to be more tender and juicy before they switched owners/chef. apparently the meat just fell off the bone if you exhaled.

I could barely breathe after I finished my plate, so be hungry because you get a lot of food.

Alcohol: they had a nice beer selection, not impressive but a-ok.

The Red Lion -- the only English Pub in Majorna
Address: Mariagatan 11, 414 71 Göteborg

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