Sushi Yama - expensive and not worth it

I'm in search for the best sushi in town. I haven't been to Japan, I've been to Japan Town so I guess that's close enough? I have a lot of Japanese friends? Or maybe I'm just a huge fan of sushi and want some goddamn fine sushi.

We've been searching, we've been looking. Did we find it?
No, it was pricy, the nigiri were too small and the miso soup   it seemed like they had added instant ramen seasoning in it

I wasn't fond of some of the maki with the smoked salmon mix in it. it's sushi, it's supposed to be raw, duh! there was also some kind of chipotle (or not) mayo which made me fall back into my memories of california and their creative rolls. 

I've heard that you have to pay for the miso, but we didn't. My friend asked for sushi without avocado since she's allergic but the maki had avocado in it, she could have died! ^^

95:-, not worth it.

the only thing that I can say is nice about this place is the Wakame (seaweed salad). 

Sushi Yama
Adress: Basargatan 1041110 Göteborg
Tel: 031-7010030

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